Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Recap (part 2)

Another highlight of our summer would have to be Comargo Camp.  The kids look forward to camp all year and absolutely love everything about it!

God blessed us with a wonderful camp this year.  The speakers were great, the weather was beautiful and   as usual we had the best cook ever!

Ella completely in her element helping serve desserts.

Something else we love about Summer is spending time with family.  My family is pretty scattered so it was great for all 19 of us to spend some time together this summer.  I love it when we're all together!

The kids also got to have several sleepovers with their cousins this summer.

And go swimming together

And bowling together.

I love Evan's expression in this picture.  I'm pretty sure he's afraid the girls are going to win!


Barb said...

Loved the action and expression at the "bowling tournament",& those 2J's & 2 R's and the happy family week-end together...Sweet Little Marth Stewart made me smile!!

Michele said...

We loved every minute we got to spend with you all this summer! Thanks for all the great pictures.

The Dickinsons said...

LOVED the Comargo camp pics. We are getting great reports of a wonderful camp. We hope to get to enjoy it next year! =)

Ella's such a cutie!