Saturday, November 3, 2012


Happy Fall!  What a beautiful time of the year!  Carl was honored to be the best man in Brent's wedding a couple weeks ago.  The wedding took place in the Becker's back yard.  (I'm quite sure there is a discussion about hunting going on in this picture!)

The setting was beautiful with the pond and woods with beautiful leaves in the background.  (bonus points if you can find something you've seen on my blog in this picture).  The platform was built by Brent and his dad for the wedding.
I loved the stumps marking the rows of chairs!

But, unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans for the wedding day.  It was COLD and RAINY the next day! 

So instead they got married in the tent (which was ready for the reception)

But they are in love and rain or shine, I'm sure they'll live happily ever after!
In other news, my Sister-in-Law-to-be-eventually-someday-after-she-graduates (and Ricky) came to visit.  She called the other day and asked why I haven't updated my blog.  
Lisa:  Why haven't you updated your blog?  I'm tired of looking at your shoe wall!
Me:  I don't have anything to blog about
Lisa:  Blog about my visit that tree getting cut down in your yard.
Me:  Huh?  What?  Seriously?!!
We had a huge dead tree cut down in our yard the day they visited.
I took pictures of sawdust, because I thought it was awesome.  And I love the smell!
And I thought it was awesome that Lisa (and Ricky) came to see me!  And I can't wait till she's my Sister-in-Law!
OK, more news.  Carl shot this amazing buck named HighBrow!  I love this picture!  You can watch the video here that Caleb took.  It's pretty awesome!

This was the view out my living room window a few weeks ago.  Beautiful!
And this was the view out my dining room window.  I was sitting at the computer and he stopped by to "give" me a kiss!  Of course I said, "DON'T PUT YOUR MOUTH ON THE WINDOW!"  And then I ran and grabbed my camera and said, "do it again!"

I've been organizing, discarding, sorting in the girls/my closet.  

And I'm making progress.  Yay!
We had our very first snow of the season this week.  Twenty years ago, Carl and I had our first date and it snowed that night.  It was the very first snow of the season 1992.  I love "first snows!"
Snow falling 3 DSCF9037.jpg
Carl took Caleb hunting a few hours ago and I took this picture (2012) as they were leaving. This picture makes me happy-sad!  Where has my little guy gone?  That was only 2 years ago!   Carl is an amazing Dad and I'm so thankful for the memories he is making with Caleb tonight.


Stephanie said...

I am so HAPPY you updated your blog! Thanks, Lisa, for getting after her. We had the same conversation. :)

I love all your fall-ish pictures. And I LOVE your outfit at the cute!! Or as you would say..."adorbs!" ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow What a Blog, I am really impressed! I love looking at your pictures and reading your Blog! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! That is so awesome that your favorite sister in law (to be) enjoys when you update your blog as I do, so Thank you Lisa!! Hehe <3

The Dickinsons said...

Enjoyed the fun update, Janie. (Thnx, Lisa, for the hint. =)

I just got on my blog to post my birthday post, and saw your 2 fun comments. Thanks!

Heard that Brent and Cheyanna's wedding was really pretty and COLD!
That's NEAT that y'all started dating in '92 also.
WHERE IN THE WORLD has time gone? I can't believe that Caleb is almost as tall as Carl now. Wow! unreal.
Congrats to Carl on the neat buck.
What a SCARY thing to cut down such a HUGE..gantic tree. =) But, I'm glad it's gone, and there's no danger of it falling and squishing y'all. =D