Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012!

Christmas Sunday in Indiana.  Love them all!

This picture cracked me up!  They're all trying to

get the perfect picture of this pair!  I love these babies!

Christmas morning at home.



Me.  Yeah, that's an iphone.  And, yes I was quite surprised!  And thrilled!

Abby.  She loves it!

I love him!

Christmas afternoon at Pappy and Grammys.

And it's a.......guitar!  So excited!

Hugs for Grammy!

And then we all came home and got the flu.  And none of could leave the house for a week!  Ugh!  But we are all better now :)
And I finally got our Christmas cards done!  Happy New Year!


Keith and Crystal said...

Loved all your pictures - and your cute! :) We've been sick, too and I didn't get a card done and I'm kind of bummed, but that's just the way it is, I guess. :)

I hope you have a beautiful year this year!!

Stephanie said...

Love the Christmas review!
Love the huge family picture!
Love that you were surprised with your gift!
Boo on the flu. Ugh. We did that too. It was NOT fun.

Lets chat soon!

Anonymous said...
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The Dickinsons said...

Janie, loved this post. Enjoyed seeing y'all's family picture...I'm sure your parents are THRILLED with everyone of those cute grandkids!! =) Fun pic of those 2 babies by the tree.
Loved the pics of y'all at home and a the Eisenharts too.
SORRY y'all got the flu. NOT FUN!
Glad y'all are better.
Just got our tickets TODAY to fly home to the USA on March 12th, Lord willing. SO EXCITED!!!
We're looking forward to having Pastor E. and Bro. B. here next week. Now, I must go get their rooms ready. =)

Anonymous said...

What a great post! All except the flu part =) Glad Christmas was so wonderful you all!! Happy New Year! ~Carla~