Monday, March 17, 2008

What's left to say?

I just finished helping update Caleb and Abby's Blog so now I unfortunately have nothing new to say. Abby has wanted a blog since her birthday (January). I finally got that done so of course now Caleb wants his to stay updated. I may not have time to keep up my own blog. (as you can see I've done so well the last several months:)
Caleb finished basketball camp and had his award ceremony this evening. He has learned a lot!

This is what Ella does while we blog. While I was helping Abby get her blog up and going, Ella was mixing up a concoction. I knew she was stirring something around in a bowl, but wasn't really paying her much attention. (lost in blogworld, you know) Well, when she was done, she asked me to taste her new recipe. The ingredients were snow, salt, pepper, paprika, sesame seeds, and milk. Needless to say, I graciously declined.

Isaac's new skill. Drinking from a sippy cup.

The kids had a blast at Nate's birthday party. (see Caleb & Abby's blog for other pics) Here's Abby and Jenna (Janella's daughter) enjoying some pizza.
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Misty said...

Blogs at 6!! She is a cutie!! The picture of Isaac is adorable, he has the cutest eyes! Ella and Karissa would get along great, she has a big imagination too :-)

Gayle said...

That is how great chefs start! She is one creative child.

Rob and Deanna said...

You are A Great Brave, Mama, Janie! ;-) I would never have thought of letting her put spices in her snow. Kiana would love to "cook" on her own. Plus, I would have thought about the possible mess. :-)

Stephanie said..., what's the kids blogs - so that I might stay in touch with the fam?! You know, their mother rarely posts...LOL!!! Although, she has been MUCh improved in the recent days! So much going little time to blog.

Stephanie said...

May I have Ella's recipe for Gourmet Snow? I'm thinking an article in LIVING might be a nice thought.