Saturday, December 19, 2009


Carl & I at our church Christmas dinner

The kids at Grammy's for Sunday dinner

Our church Christmas program

Caleb's class has been studying different cultures and researching their heritage. He chose to do his research paper on Papua New Guinea. Each student had a clothespin to dress up as a national from the country they were researching. Caleb used a marker to color his clothespin and we used items from around the house to dress it up. Abby made the bead necklaces with pipecleaners. Caleb made the arms out of pipecleaners and beads. He found some small leaves outside for "tanket leaves" and a scrap of fabric for a loin cloth. I gave a presentation this week in his class on PNG and took in several artifacts for the kids to see. The kids loved it and Caleb told me I was "awesome" which made my day!!

I had the privilege this week to tell the Christmas story in Abby's classroom. It was a blessing to share the beautiful story of Christmas with her 2nd grade class.

I love this time of year! I love the excitement and the anticipation! I love the lights and the Christmas music. I love the snow that is falling RIGHT now! I even love the hustle and bustle. But most of all I love the Saviour who came to earth as a baby in manger. What an awesome story!

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Rob and Deanna said...

You guys should start selling your PNG figures on Etsy! Great pic of you & Carl! ;-)

Misty said...

Great pictures! I love the figurine =)

Merry Christmas!

Gayle said...

Wow! Caleb did a great job on his clothes pin.

Anonymous said...

Great Post! Awesome clothes pin. : ) Great pics!

Stephanie said...

awesome clothes pin!!
love your outfit for the christmas dinner.

love you, friend!

p.s. the girls' red dresses look familiar...great shopping memories!