Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Long Post...

The girls getting ready to decorate our Christmas tree.

We turned up the Christmas music and got busy

We love pulling each ornament out of the box and remembering where it came from.

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!


The boys (minus Isaac) were packing up venison for our freezer, but we saved a few for them.

Carl and Caleb finishing it up

A Christmas tradition--camping out in the living room under the Christmas Tree.
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

A visit from Grandpa & Grandma

Grandpa brought his train

making cookies with grandma

I'll show you how to do it, Grandma

Caleb chose to play trains with Grandpa instead

Will these cookies EVER be done??!

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~Heather~ said...

Don't you love how kids love Christmas? I must still be a kid...for I LOVE it too! Adorable post. Neat that your parents could visit. My husband would love your Dad's train.
LOVE the picture of Ella and Isaac waiting for those cookies to get done. =D

Rob and Deanna said...

Cute! Your parents just adore their grandkids, they are so cute. :-)

Janella said...

i love this post! something about Christmas time just make the fun magical~beautiful pix!