Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birthday Fun

I celebrated my birthday yesterday. Chilled out at home with my sick little boy. Abby wasn't feeling well, so she stayed home from school too.
Carl made my day and met me at the door with this---Yummy! My favorite!

I had an early B-day celebration with Steph & Janella when Stephanie was in town :)

Love my gift!

And while I'm on the subject of girlfriends....

I got to see all 3 of my best friends over Christmas. Deanna was in town from N. Ireland for the holidays. And Stephanie flew in from Idaho just to surprise us and spend the day with us. We shopped and ate and enjoyed the now-rare treat of spending time together. Love these girls!

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Rob and Deanna said...
Hey Jane, didn't know if you have visited this blog. She is going to start posting things to use with Photoshop. I know nothing about Photoshop, so not sure if this will be of help/interest to you, but you can check it out. ;-)