Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Note - Sad Note

I love birthdays :) He took me........

Here for my birthday dinner, while..........

these fantastic friends babysat our kids.

On a sad note--my brother is moving today. For the last several years he has lived here in Cincinnati. Although, lately we haven't seen much of each other, it has been so good to know he's close by. I will miss him :(

And my kids will miss their Uncle Robbie

He is moving to Baltimore, Md. with his new job. Isn't Maryland beautiful?! I was born in Maryland so maybe I'm a little biased:)

His house is on the market so if you know anyone looking-check it out!
Ending on a happy note.
Hope this picture makes you smile!

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Rob and Deanna said...

LOL Great photo shoot, Isaac!

Stephanie said...

Great hair style in the pic of you and Carl!

Oh, and Isaac...too cute!!