Saturday, February 6, 2010

Enjoying the little moments this week

Playing Thomas the train. ("mommy, help me build my track-tr")

A special PB sandwich when Ella got off the bus

Caleb and another round of SuperSmashBrothers

He is usually a blur of motion when he plays, this pic must have been between levels :)

The girls coloring and making important phone calls

My goodwill finds this week

I love globes!

And cute, polka-dotted, vintagey, cardboard suitcases

And, I love my country! Hope you enjoyed the little moments in your life this week!
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Gayle said...

Great Post! Love the peanut butter and jelly sandwich:)

~Heather~ said...

Loved this post...and the pb and jelly sandwich was adorable!! Love your suitcase!

Janella said...

lovin these post updates~way to go girl:) i like you, love the the little moments in life:)

Mom Brock said...

You are quite the Mommy....Loved the "Little Moments"... especially the snow man!...and of course the G W bargains!