Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lemonade Stand

The girls have been begging to do a lemonade stand this summer.  So today was the day

Caleb showing Isaac the best way to hold the sign
Isaac was the official sign-holder

Waiting for their first customer

And break-time
It was HOT!  They lasted a little over an hour and made around $7.00  And now they want to do it again tomorrow!


.......... said...

Aww so Sweet! Love it....btw that Ella looks just like you =) ~Carla~

Barb said...

Love the Lemon Aid Stand...The amazing simple things of life make such lasting memories! So Cute!

Stephanie said...

$7?! WTG, girls!! Great sale strategy having that adorable "official" sign-toting boy in charge of advertising! ;)

The Dickinsons said...

We loved seeing these fun pics of the girls lemonade stand. Too cute! The little sign holder was cute too! My heart was soooo SAD reading the post...looking at each picture...and HOPING that they had sold some. So I was So glad they made some money. =)