Monday, August 1, 2011

A Baking Party

Abby and Ella wanted to invite a few friends over for a "baking" party.
My idea of a baking party = a few friends coming over to bake.
Their idea of a baking party = games, pinatas, paper chains, games, balloons, pizzas, cookies, sprinkles, and games.
They started with the pinata.
A balloon.  Flour.  Water.  Strips of magazine paper.
Let it dry. Pop the balloon. Add Candy.   

And then tissue!

Then tons of paper chains

Finally, time for friends.  They made little pizzas

and added their own toppings
Fruit kebobs

And sugar cookies (out of a bag)

And decorated them with frosting (out of a can) and chocolate chips

And sprinkles, of course.  And they played tons of games. And giggled.  Alot!
Hmmmm...maybe I should have a baking party with my friends :)


Rob and Deanna said...

You are one BRAVE Mommy! :-) Thanks for inviting Kiana, she couldn't stop talking about it, before....or after!

Stephanie said...

I wanna be invited to your baking party!!! Count me in ~ giggles included. Well, maybe a few snorts, belly laughs, & laughing until we cry times too!

.......... said... are SUCH a good mom. What a cool idea. I agree with Deanna, you are BRAVE! ~Carla~

Keith and Crystal said...

What a super idea. It looks like they had such a fun time!

Great memories, I'm sure!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for inviting our girls. They had a great time. I love all of the crafts you do with your kids!!! The pinata turned out beautiful and the party so girly. What a wonderful idea!!! You are a wonderful Mommy to your kids!! =)

abby said...

thanks mom for a great "baking party" i had a lot of fun the pinata was my FAVORITE part and of course I loved having my friends over love ya

The Dickinsons said...

Looks like a FUN baking party! Yes, it does sound fun for us Mommies to get together for a baking party. Only...can we come in our jammies, drink coffee while we bake, and then after we have chatted, and laughed a lot, can we take a nap? HA! (You can tell that my baby Mary is STILL struggling with sleeping all night. She was crying for quite awhile last night...but is slowly but surely learning that Mommy won't be feeding her all night long now. [She got into the habit of getting up at nights when she was sick during our mold problems. Now, we are trying to training her to sleep all night again.] =)
Sarah would have LOVED to have joined your girl's baking party. She enjoyed peeking over my shoulder and seeing the lovely pics. =)

Barb said...

WOW ! Loved the post!.. Quite the ingenuous Mom! Pampered Chef, Make room for Little Mamas Baking Party !

Daryl Hausman said...

Darla hated LIKE CRAZY to be out of town on her Sister's Senior trip! Well, I guess if she had to miss it, being on a Senior trip DID help a tad! =)