Friday, August 5, 2011

Legos, Lorna, & Losing teeth

Caleb has spent a lot of time working with Carl this summer.  He earned $ to get a snowboard pass and is now saving up for a bow.  He doesn't like getting his pic taken but I forced simply asked for a few shots of
his 394 piece Lego creation.  I even managed to get one pic with half a smile!
My girls adore Lorna and were thrilled to get invited to her surprise (kind of) birthday party. 

Her party was at an old fashioned icecream parlor in Lebanon
Ella looks thrilled with her choice :)

The Village Ice Cream Parlor
Downtown Lebanon
Pretty flowers.  Pretty girls.
And Ella lost her first top tooth. 
I love. love. her smile!


Barb said...

Loved this post, Janie... Ella's Colegate smile is contagous!!! Loved the two girls and their beautiful little Mommy!

Keith and Crystal said...


Stephanie said...

Jonathon & I used to go to that very same ice-cream parlor when we lived in Lebanon. FUN & delish.

LOL @ Ella! Love her toothless grin. Munchkin!

Kerri said...

The kids are adorable and getting soo big. Love the "school" pics!!! xoxo