Monday, December 19, 2011

Days of Christmas

Dinner with my besties.

Happy shelves.

"Minute to Win It" games for our jr. church Christmas party using a one-minute timer for the older kids

and a straw to see how many christmas balls you can get out in a minute.  Very fun!

One minute to build as many marshmallow

snowmen as you can.

And one minute to stack cups in the shape of a Christmas tree.  Intense!

For the younger kids, pin the carrot on Frosty

And a marshmallow

snowman relay race.

And then some crafts to catch their breath.

A wise man, an angel, a very sad sheep, and a shepherd.  Our jr. church Christmas program was awesome!

Snowboard practice in our living room!

Only 5 more days till Christmas!  Have I mentioned he's my favorite?  

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Rob and Deanna said...

You looked so cute on Sunday, Janie! Love the pic of you & Carl ;-)

Barb said...

Hey Jane,
love the Sunday school things you did! My most fave is the candy cane thing with the beads and your shelf is pretty awesome!


The Dickinsons said...

Fun post! Cute pics! =)

Merry Christmas!

Stephanie said...

Love that red headband, you fashionista you! And your fun games...(we played Pin the Carrot on Frosty too!) And adorable shelf. And happy kiddos.

Love you.