Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just Pictures...Almost

Caleb's first school orchestra concert for 5th grade was last night.

He is playing the trumpet.  I loved every minute!


~Carla~ said...

LOVE that last pic. It's amazing! ~Carla~

candy's clothes closet said...

I just found your blog;) So cute and fun! We made a hot chocolate bar for our kitchen this year too. I'd love for you to stop by sometime:)
Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy

Barb said...

Love your blog....especially the beautiful pic of you and Caleb! Hot Chocolate looks yummy too! What a Mommy!!!

The Dickinsons said...

What a sweet picture of you and Caleb. How neat that he's playing the trumpet!

Enjoyed all the fun fuzzy feeling Christmas pics! =)

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Sarah!


Stephanie said...

You remind me of Cori in the picture of you & Caleb. La Vie Petite! :)