Monday, January 9, 2012

A Decade

Ten years.  Double digits.  One decade.  Not long ago she looked like this and then I blinked.

Now she's 10!

She wanted to go skating for her birthday

with some friends

and she even invited Isaac

Having fun with Darla, and Katelyn

A roller-skate birthday cake.  With jumbo marshmallow wheels.  Dipped in sparkly colored sugar.  Because Abby loves sparkles.

And sparkly colored-sugar pompoms.  If you tear a jumbo marshmallow in half.  Wet your hands slightly.  And roll the halved-marshmallow into a ball.  Then dip it in colored-sugar.  It will turn into a pom-pom.  True story.
And if the birthday girl decides to take some pictures of her cake while you are putting the finishing touches on it.  And then DROPS her camera in the cake.  It will take at least a half hour to fix it.  True story too!


I got her paper party tablecloth from Target.  The colors are so happy!

I may wall-paper my entire house with it.  Maybe :)


Stephanie said...

Love it! Will you come be my kids' birthday party planners? Cake included, please. Sparkly Impressive.

Even more impressive...a fix-it job at the last moment. I couldn't even tell. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE!!!! I was looking at the first pic and reading it and then i went down my first thought was, "Wow, Abby is sooooo pretty." I still remember when she would come down and without thinking to do anything else we went straight to the Barbies!!!
Love you bunches, Abby,

~Carla~ said...

She is such a beauty! LOVE the cake and the "TRUE STORIES"! You are an amazing mom!! Happy b-day Abby.....~Carla~

The Dickinsons said...

What a fun birthday girl and what a fun birthday cake with pom poms! WHEW! And the true story about the camera dropping in the cake made my heart drop to my toesies! Glad you were able to fix it perfectly again! =)

Happy Birthday, Abby!

We love and miss you and your family!
~Heather and family~