Thursday, January 12, 2012


Just a normal day.  From moments to minutes to hours.  Then days, months, and years.  Time does not slow down.  I tried to document one of my "normal" days today to remember forever.  I know these days go by so quickly and at the end of the day I often wonder what I've accomplished.  I want to find joy in the mundane.  These ordinary moments that will be gone so soon, and remember how really wonderful they are.
A fruit smoothie for Carl as he's walking out the door.  No, I don't always make a smoothie, but I do always get up to pack his lunch and spend a few minutes with him. 

Alarm clocks and breakfast (not mine, who feeds their kids this stuff?) and showers and pencils and papers and the school bus

Seriously?  A whole extra 6 minutes to make sure Abby has no bumps in her hair.  Thank You!  I need it!

More showers and breakfast.  And hair.  That's a whole different post.

Kisses and hugs and prayers.

Laundry.  (Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat)

Blogs.  Yep, I love them!

And legos.


and a chat with my Mom.

Isaac practicing writing his alphabet.  He loves it.  Not that I would ever brag, but he knows all his letters, their sounds, and can write the whole alphabet by himself.  Uppercase and lowercase.  Left-handed.  And he's only 4.  My kids are multi-talented.  Some are dancing ironers.  And some can write :)  I love how different they are!

Must check!

Did I already mention laundry?

Then "just relaxing" on the couch.  Isaac calling Grammy and Grandma to check in.  I'm pretty sure I'm sitting right beside him editing my hourly pics and eaves dropping on his conversation.  He asked for Grandpa (who was working) then told my Mom she should really have more kids so she wouldn't be alone today :)

Off to run some errands.  (code for I'm going to GoodWill)

My sidekick (no wonder my days are happy)

Bank & Library

and GoodWill

I tried on a small stack of stuff but decided "Nah"
But I'm still thinking of this coffee table.  Espresso.  Solid wood.  Probably WestElm.  Still thinking.

Pick up my room and dream about a nap
But I know starving kids will soon be home.  
Cheesy quesadillas with ketchup, or A1, or taco sauce, or sometimes a combination.

A reminder list
and some homework

Snow!  Big huge fluffy flakes just as the girls were getting home.

We're off to Caleb's guitar lesson
where Isaac gets to hang out with his good buddy.
Together.  My favorite place to be.
Dinner.  Fried potatoes, mini turkey cheeseburgers on slider buns and mixed vegetables.
Just being with my favorite people.  And the last load of laundry (for the day) goes in the dryer.
All I hear is snoring.  Everyone's asleep except for me, the blogger.  And Ella, the crafty-girl.  Night-Night!

All pics were taken with Abby's ipod and edited with Instagram.


Anonymous said...

Made me tired! I'm going back to bed now!!
: ) Haha!
♥ Julie S.

did it my way said...

love it! Proverbs 31 women.

Stephanie said...

Love the "normal" day! Busy. Felt like I had a good look into your daily day. I now feel the need to go put on some laundry.

P.S. Love the lists. ;)

Keith and Crystal said...

I enjoyed your day!!! Life is never dull, is it? Your side kick is just darling!!!!!! :)

The Dickinsons said...

Love it, Janie. Enjoyed seeing all the fun pics!

I just posted about Kimberly and I and my other 2 girls enjoy some "happiness in a cup" at Starbucks for Kimberly's birthday. At the bottom I talked a little about how I can't believe that Kimberly is 14...and how I'm trying to enjoy every moment with our kiddos for I know that I'll blink...and one day before I know it, they'll be on their own.


The Dickinsons said...

Janie, I forgot to say that I loved your Code words for going to Goodwill! I must say Goodwill is one thing I miss MOST about being home.

We LOVED your dancing iron-er Ella! She's too cute! A few days later Sarah was ironing for me and I told her that she could twirl like Ella if she wanted to. ;-)


Daryl Hausman said...

Fun! My girls told me about this post that I would L.O.V.E. & they were right! Too fun! Never would have thought of doing it all in pics, but I loved your shots! Memories galore! Luv ya, laura