Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chalkiness - Again

Sidewalk chalk.

Write your name.

Make a birthday cake. (pretty sure Isaac is off the ground here!)

Roll it.

Color a picture.

Go for the "pink jeans look."

Or just look cute while you draw!

Love these little feet!

And I would take 10 more just like him.

OK...maybe 5.



~Carla~ said...

AHHH, so sweet! Love those feet pics :) ~Carla~

Stephanie said...

C.u.t.e. Pics!! Lets have a play date soon, mmkay? ;)

The Dickinsons said...

F.U.N. pics...Can't wait to hear that your next 5 "Isaac-like babies" are on their way. Hee! Hee! =)


Anonymous said...

10 more children like them or 10 more hands like them?!?!?!?!