Friday, June 1, 2012

End of School Days

Today is the last day of school!  Yay!  The last few weeks have been filled with concerts, picnics, awards, field days, pizza days and icecream parties.
2nd grade field day at Nisbet Park.  

Ella waiting her turn.

I loved this activity!  They started with a huge blank piece of foam board for each classroom.

Then there was a tub of water balloons filled with craft PAINT.  Here is the first balloon about to go


Each student had a chance to throw several balloons at the foam board.
Yes, even her throws have some added flair!

More paint splashes

And even more!

This was the final outcome!

Which was cut into a piece for each student to take home

And on the back -- I was part of the "Bigger Picture!"

Face painting  -  of course.

This may just be my new favorite picture of Ella!

Best 2nd grade teacher ever!  Abby and Ella have both had her for 2nd grade and she is amazing!

Abby's field day.

Egg race

Abby won the hula-hoop contest.  She is unstoppable.  Except when it comes to teaching me.  I can NOT get the hang of it!

Milkshakes and icecream!

Caleb's spring concert

Caleb specifically asked me NOT to bring a camera to field day.  What?  I did get this video of him (somewhat discreetly) on the ipod.  He is running the obstacle course.  Or, maybe I should say winning the obstacle course  :)

Bring on Summertime!


~Carla~ said...

Oh I love it, you capture such great expressions on your kid's faces! Happy summer to you all! ~Carla~

Barb said...

Loved the kid's field day...So blest to have such an innovative teacher...Great job,"capturing your kid's special moments"!

Barb said...

Ella's hair wins the photo of the day! Just "havta" love her!

Grammy's Blog said...
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Gayle said...

The painting looks like a Frankenthaler original. It actually looks better than the one my boss just sold for 1.5 million:) Love all the pictures!!

The Dickinsons said...

Adorable and fun pics. Love the paint picture (and the picture on the back of each piece that the students got=) and I LOVE how your girls always wear skirts! They always look adorable too! Thanks for keeping them "little ladies!" =)

Enjoyed seeing this post!