Friday, June 8, 2012

Isaac turns 5!

His only request for his birthday party was a water balloon fight.

So we filled up 150 water balloons.  The balloons only lasted about 3 and 1/2 minutes!

Abby and Katelyn made his birthday cake and Caleb used legos to make the 5 for his cake.  And he also spelled Isaac's name with legos. 

Isaac was so happy that all of his best little buddies were there to celebrate with him!
Drew, Jack, Judah, Levi, Sean, and Ethan.  My nieces were spending the week, so Katie and Brooklyn got to be here too.  And of course, his favorite siblings :)

Happy Birthday to Isaac!


Keith and Crystal said...

What a handsome little five year old!! His cake and name were adorable. :) It looks like he had a grand time at his party.

Barb said...

WOW! A Water Balloon Birthday Party...How cook is that?? Wish I were there to hug that Birthday boy, with a million dollar smile!!

barb said...

Oops...cook = cool!!

Stephanie said...

He is the cutest birthday boy ever! Love the lego touch...wtg, Caleb, on that! Great party, Mom!

~Carla~ said...

Can't believe he is 5! Wow, cool party and so neat how all the siblings got involved! LOVE it