Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Twenty Twelve

What a Happy Thanksgiving we had!  Feeling so blessed and so grateful for so many blessings!  We had our Brock Thanksgiving at our house this year and it was tons of fun!
I built this chalkboard frame last week since I didn't have anything else going on.
Yes, I built that!  With a measuring tape, hammer, nails, staples, paint, stain and glue!  Even the frame too!  And I am loving it!   
This year we did a Thanksgiving Tree.   Ella cut out these leave and handed them to our family as they walked in the door.

Each person wrote down something they were thankful for

and hung it on the tree.

My mom and I finishing up in the kitchen

Pretty Lisa

The little kids table.

My mom brought this cutest paper table cloth for the kids table with dot-to-dot, word games, tic-tac-toe, and things to color.

Ice men

I used these silver candlestick holders that were passed on to me from my Grandma Brock and used this casserole dish with a silver serving tray that was from my Grandma States.  I loved having these reminders of  both my Grandmas.

Almost ready!

Abby set the table and wrote out the name cards.

There is one neighborhood left in our whole entire state that still has maple leaves on their trees.  Yep, I stopped in there Thanksgiving morning and gathered a few :)


Carl made the best mashed potatoes.  He can mash potatoes (He can mash potatoes!)  Seriously, so good!

More food.

I'm still full!

Dad and Brayden

Ricky showing Mom how to use her new toy.  He brought her the new iphone 5.  I think she's learning it because she has already sent me several Thanksgiving pictures.  Yay!

Lisa & Ricky

Whenever Grandpa's here the Lego's always have to come out.

Love this!

Too full to move.

Showing Grandma & Grandpa how to FaceTime!

We missed Robbie, Tricia & Taylor so much, but it was great to see them on FaceTime!  I love this picture!

The next morning, bright and early, us girls headed out for some Black Friday deals.

These girls LOVE to shop!  Wonder where they get that from?

First stop Starbucks.

Taking a break.

Yeah, that's us :)

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with lots of food, family, and friends as well!


Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love this post!! you Have such a beautiful Family!!!! The Last picture is My Fav! Hehehe

Stephanie said...

L.O.V.E. it all! It felt like I was (almost) there with you all!

Bahahahahah @ you and Julie with the masks. I hope you got those for yourselves for Christmas. :) And that Christmas tree seems to look familiar...Kenwood Mall, perhaps? ;)

Love your Thanksgiving looked fab! The mashed potatoes....! I may or may not have licked the screen. And the turkey...oh, the turkey! We are good briners, aren't we?! HA!

Love you! So thankful to be blessed with your friendship.

Anonymous said...

What a great Thanksgiving! I LOVED having it at your house!!!!!!!!! Black Friday shopping was so FUN!!! Must do it all again next year. : ) Love Ya!

Keith and Crystal said...

I loved all the pictures - so nice to "see" your family. I think Brocks and Legos, just go together, don't they? Brings back many (MANY) fun memories of your living room at Tambul. :)

~Carla~ said...

LOVE it all! What sweet pictures of your day. ~Carla~