Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Insta-Wednesday (times 2)

So I didn't post last week, but I was taking pictures!  Now where were we...Oh yes,
april 11
Suitcases packed for a weekend with Grammy.  All 4 kiddos gone for the weekend while Carl and I celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary!

april 12
We took a staycation for the weekend and enjoyed having the whole weekend by ourselves.  We spent some time working in the yard and of course

eating lots of yummy food, and more than a few stops at Starbucks.  See the chopsticks?  We both ate our entire meal with them. No forks.  A first for both of us!

april 13
We also picked out a new anniversa-tree.  The last several years we have planted a tree on our anniversary. They are all in bloom now and are so beautiful.

This year we picked out a Patio Bonfire Peach tree.  It is so pink, and so peachy, and so pretty!

april 14
A perfect day for a long bike ride!  The weather was beautiful and we took a ride on the bike trail.

24 miles plus a picnic lunch.  Happy Anniversary to us!

april 15
A visit from Grandma and a trip to McDonald's playland.

april 16
Ella's "persuasive" letter assignment she brought home from school.  Yep, I'm convinced but she still needs to convince her Daddy.

april 17
Caleb and Abby took the day off school to go to IHC and Isaac was spending a few days with Grandma.  So Carl took Ella to Starbucks for a treat.  Hello big brown eyes!

april 18
IHC 2013
Mass Choir

Isaac's crocs after getting caught in the escalators at IHC.  (how my child arrived at IHC wearing crocs is a entirely different story!)

april 19
I heart skittles.  And I heart the little girl who took this picture!

april 20
Another load of laundry

april 21
Sunday Morning.

april 22
First bonfire of the year.  Bring on the hotdogs and marshmallows!

april 23
Returning books to the library.  He can finally reach the book return and loves doing it.  And I love sitting in the car not having to get out!

Another accomplishment.  No training wheels on his big bike

and a cute Jeep (Lily Pullitzer) at the mall setting right next to this cute girl.


Anonymous said...

So Adorable!! I love that you guys get a tree every year for anniversary I think that is the coolest ever!! LOL Ellla really wants a chicken and she sure did convince me!! Hehehehe Love you guys!!! See ya next weekend!

Rebekah Wegener said...

Cute :)

Brenda said...

Loved the fortune and the chicken letter!!

Barb said...

Love the happy happenings and your endearing adventures...quite unique...amazing little family!!