Friday, April 26, 2013

Caleb turns 13

It's official.  I have a teenager!  To celebrate Carl and I took Caleb out for a special dinner at Montgomery Inn.

Of course he ordered ribs,

and devoured every bite!

He wanted to have a "minecraft party" with a few friends.

So we put up some streamers,

made a "creeper" out of napkins,

and his best buddies came over.

And they played minecraft, and made boyish noises,

sang Happy Birthday,

ate some cake,

and played minecraft.  For hours.  And there was no drama - I love boys!


Stephanie said...

Great party!

Barb said...

love your post of Caleb's exciting Birthday...Quite a neat idea and the decorations were totally "Janie"! Hard to accept the fact that I have a grandson soooo much taller than his Mom.How did this happen so soon????He's a wonderful grandson!!

Michele said...

Nate had a blast! You are a great mom and we love you all very much!