Thursday, April 4, 2013


march 22
Dinner date with my favorite 12 year old.  A great way to kick off Spring Break!

march 23
Cooking class at Kroger. Easter egg donuts!

march 24
Sunday dinner at Grammy's.

march 25
At the end of the day, looking through my pictures, the only thing I have to document this day is a picture of a bottle of water.  Thanks to an instagram 30-day challenge.  If you don't get it that's ok.

march 26
A day pass to the YMCA for Spring Break.  Oh Yeah!

march 27
Easter dress shopping.

march 28
Matching cousins!  UnderArmour?  check.  Blue eyes?  check.  Braces? check.

march 29
Isaac just learned to pump his legs all by himself!  I think he loves it!

march 30
Grandpa's tree house.  Yes, Caleb does occasionally NOT wear this hoodie.  Like, when he's sleeping.

march 31
Easter Sunday. Love my family!

april 1.
El Picante with the Pilmores. No joke!

april 2
Spring Break is officially over.

april 3
My new screensaver.


Michele said...

I'm so glad you came to visit us on Spring Break! Love you bunches!

Anonymous said...

Love love Love all the pictures! I feel like I got to see you all! Hehe!