Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ella turns 9

The excitement that Ella has anticipating her birthday is un-believable.  It is all she talks about for weeks leading up to her birthday.  I think she enjoys her birthday more than any person on the planet.  And I'm not completely biased, her teacher told me that she has never seen a child enjoy their birthday more!  She loves every second of her birthday!

We got up extra early to make a stop at Holtman's Donuts before school started.

Later we had a lunch date in the school cafeteria with McDonalds.

She wanted to make her own birthday cake.  Confetti.  Of course!

And she got a new bicycle.  Love that face!

She got to choose a restaurant for a special dinner out

with Carl and I.  Her choice was O'Charleys.  Love those rolls!

The next day we had a little party with her favorites.

She wanted a PetShop cake.  I convinced her the pet shop figurines sitting on a cake would

look SO much cuter than the extravagant PetShop cakes she showed me on pinterest :)  She agreed.  Yay!

Of course there were presents

and hugs (Isaac used his own $ to buy her this webkinz)

and smiles

and the birthday song

and a


and ruffly aprons.

The next day, there was a birthday dinner at Grammy's, with Ella's menu of choice.  Cube steak, grammy's famous greenbeans, salad for the other people, mashed potatoes with gravy, and rolls.  And she wanted confetti cake with sprinkles.  There can never be too much confetti or too many sprinkles!

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Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday (again!) to Miss Ella! She makes me smile every time I am around her. Love her! And thanks again for inviting Samantha and Kristin. They had sooo much fun! LOVE the cake - awesome job as usual!

Stephanie said...

I think if we lived next door to one another, Madeline and Ella would be 2 peas in a pod. BFFs. Love her enthusiasm! And love the cake.

~Carla~ said...

What a beautiful girl. ~Carla~