Thursday, May 16, 2013

Catching up on Insta-Wednesday (part 1)

april 23
Raindrops on my car window and mirror pulling out of my driveway.  So pretty!

april 24
Although I tuck them both in their own separate beds at night, this is what I often find when I go to their bedroom in the morning.  Love!

april 25
The concert pianist, Abby.  Seriously the best rendition of The Entertainer. Ever!  On a side "note"  GBS campus is absolutely beautiful!

april 26
Just scrolling through pics to make this collage.  Yes, I'm that proud mom!

april 27
The annual smoothie/frappe sale at McDonalds.  I'm lovin it!

april 28
Sunday salad.

april 29

A baby sunflower!

april 30
Making a dandelion wish.  Hoping Spring is here to stay!

And now he is an expert pedaler.  Love those little legs!

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Michele said...

I'm so glad you caught up on Inst-Wednesday! I've missed it!
Love ya bunches.