Saturday, June 29, 2013

A few moments I want to remember forever

A few pictures from Spring that I don't want to forget.
Mother's Day 2013.  Being a mom is my favorite job. Ever!

The balancing beam.

Our rhododendrons in full bloom.

He loves to direct Carl backing the truck hitch up to the trailer.  And he nails it every time!

Cuteness overload! I mean, check out that koolaid mustache!

Springtime, sweetness and a scooter.  And a stop sign!

I have a zillion pictures of Caleb making some version of this face.

So I was thrilled when I got this shot :)

Did I mention cuteness?

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~Carla~ said...

Your sons are darling...and oh so growing up to fast. Man! I feel old :) LOVE your pics!