Saturday, June 29, 2013

End of school days

This is Marian Anderson, the first african-american to sing at the White House.

Ella's class did a wax museum this year and she was the singer, Marian Anderson.
She did all her research and then memorized her little speech

to recite when the "crowds" came by her "wax" figure at the museum and

pushed an imaginary button to activate her character.

Abby's class also did a wax museum.  Abby was zoologist, Dian Fosser,  who studied apes.

3rd grade field day.  Abby and Ella have both won the hula-hoop contest in 3rd grade.  Why, oh why can't I hula-hoop?

And last day of school party.  Wow, I'm glad school is out for the summer!

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