Saturday, June 29, 2013

Camping Cave Run Lake 2013

Cave Run Lake is our very favorite place to camp!  We had been counting down the days till school was out so we could pack up and head out.

Heading to our campsite.  Can you hear the music in this picture?  It was turned up pretty loud!

Crossing the state line

Yes, we are in the country!

Home Sweet Home-away-from-home

A little boating

A little swimming

a little fishing

a few critters

Our little wilderness family

I snapped this pic while I was setting the camera up for our family pic above.  I just love everything about it.  Caleb with his Kentucky Ale 8 chillaxing in his camp chair, Ella with her butterfly net, Isaac with his fishing pole, and Abby with her basket ball, and don't even get me started on that guy with the ax!

All 8 of us sitting down to eat dinner.  Grammy is the best camp cook ever :)

Celebrating Grammy's birthday at chickabiddy's.  You should try it!  Yum!

That smile!  That hair!

Walking the trails

Scenes from our campsite

And packing up - until next year.


Barb said...

Loved your camping trip..and the excitement and delight you captured on your kid's faces! Liked your unique "glasses shot" and the wilderness family pic was the best!
Keep on making memories...They grow up so FAST!

~Carla~ said...