Thursday, July 25, 2013

Insta-Wednesday...It's been a while

I love summer! But, I evidently do not love keeping up on Insta-Wednesday during the summer. But, I have been keeping up on my New Year's Goal of a picture a day for 2013.  Just have not been blogging them regularly.  But, I will.  I will!

may 30
Sorting through outgrown clothes -- again.

may 31
Marian Anderson.  I love this look that is half nervous, half confident!

june 1
The cleanup crew.

These boys helped clean up Robbie's rental property and among the garbage

they found this!  Yes...yes, that is a rastafarian banana

june 2
Washing freshly picked strawberries

to make homemade freezer jam.  Seriously, I have never felt more domestic in my life :)

june 3
Field day

And a visit with our neighbors chickens

And now I want chickens.  And fresh eggs!

june 4
There are so  many things wrong with this picture!

june 5
Last day of school!


June 6
The birthday boy

June 7
Feeling pampered!

June 8-12
Camping at Cave Run

June 13
Two Fishermenpeople.  An all day fishing trip to Ceasar's Creek.  Just the two of them.

The icecream aisle

June 14
Spending the day in Indiana with family and getting to see how much Taylor has grown! Love my baby neice!

June 15
When life hands you lemons...just smile!

June 16
Father's Day
He's the best!

June 17
Hydrangeas in our yard starting to bloom

June 18
Candy Crush.
This game is addicting!

June 19
Apparently he does not love instagram as much as me :)

June 20
A morning run with Abby

Oh you know, just whipping up a little length extension on a skirt.  Inspiration courtesy of Kristina J.


Anonymous said...

Love Love Love your cute little Family!! So many fun memories you guys are making this Summer13!!! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Well I love your instagram.....even if some ppl don't :) Your pics are awesome! ~Carla~