Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Camping Trip

What a fun weekend we had! We went to Cave Run Lake where we have been camping for the last 8 years. This year we went with Pappy & Grammy and Rob & Deanna, Kiana, Duston, and Sean. We were debating if we were going because at my Dr. appointment last week I found out I am 80% effaced and 1 centimeter dilated, but we risked it (in spite of some opposition) and had a great time! For pics of Carl's first Musky in our new boat check out Caleb's Blog.
Abby, Caleb & Pappy enjoying the outdoors

Caleb preparing for a day of fun!

Grammy serving another one of her gourmet camping dinners! YUM!

Abby learns to ride her bike with NO training wheels!

Caleb, Carl, and Abby enjoy the campfire.

Ella, Caleb, and Abby collecting smooth stones.

Me and Ella on the boat.

Abby and Caleb throwing rocks.

Carl at the wheel.

Playing "slamwich" on the boat while daddy fishes.

One happy camper and one not so happy!


Beautiful sunset!

Some geese that came right up to our boat!

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Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

So much Fun! Thanks for coming & allowing us to join you. ;-) What setting was your camera on to get the picture of the kids collecting stones?

Gayle said...

Your pictures are great! We had a fun time. We love going camping!
I hated to leave! Glad you figured out the slamwich game you will have to teach it to me:)

Misty said...

Looks like fun!! We miss camping! We are waiting for the baby news :-) Take care of yourself!


~Heather~ said...

What fun, beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us.
Miss you all, Phillip

~Heather~ said...

LOOKS LIKE Y'ALL HAD A BLAST! We miss camping. For several years the Pilmores, Shirks, my sister Laura and family, and us met in the Smoky Mountains and went camping for 4th of July...SUCH FUN MEMORIES!!
LOVED ALL THE PICS! Thought that your hair looked cute in 2 braids...I think that's how I remember seeing you when you were small...but maybe I'm wrong. Glad that Carl didn't have to deliver your baby there in a tent =)...it won't be long...how exciting!

Love y'all,
Heather =)

Janella said...

You win the best Mommy award! Glad you had a great time. The pictures turned out so good. I hope you are resting up for the big Day! I can't wait to meet #4 baby Eisenhart.Love, Janella

~Heather~ said...

Yes, Janie, those markets and GETTING FOLLOWED AND STARED AT AND GIGGLED at about drive our family insane...if ONLY we could go somewhere unnoticed...without stopping the traffic. BUT...it was good to hear that now, years later, you can laugh about it...maybe that'll happen to us too. =) Thanks for your sweet comment. Praying for you and baby.
My cousin, who was due YESTERDAY...made the cute comment that her baby was late for it's OWN birthday. =)
Love, Heather =)

Stephanie said...

Ok..here's the voice of opposition, I'll admit it, BUT...despite the risks - you managed to pull off a successful (and looks like fun too) camping trip at 9 months pregnant, 80% effaced, and 1 cm dilated. Girl! You are definately my hero! There are no others now - everyone is out of the running! Just one more question though...was that smile on your face real? Because if so, I will forever know that you are the bigger woman (and not just in the belly area either! ha ha ha. I only get to say that when you are 9-months pregnant, you know!) Love you!